Friday, June 12, 2009

*Sweep Sweep*

Time to sweep away the dust that have been accumulated since April 2009 hee!! But cannot blame me coz I have my own blog to maintain.. haha!! SO wat are the outstanding posts... I have not posted any pictures of my bdae as yet.. but if u are interested to view den U can visit then go to the Archives search for April 09 then U will see the set of pictures and in any case if u are not able to find the pictures then u have to go to May 09 for the pictures!!

Economic crisis still hanging around in Singapore and I hope that this crisis will go off soon.. so that there will be more jobs in SG and of coz better money from our job as well.. but as for time being, we got to endure even if we are not happie in our office right!

For me, Im still ok with my job coz still quite stable .... but alot things happened... which I dun want to dwell on to it too much!! Just want to be happie with my family.. cos they are the most impt le~

So lets be brave and move on strongly!!! Hahahaha!!


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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I just can't wait for this fri to arrive. We will be celebrating Rong "27" Birthday for her at Zhou Kitchen. It will definitely be a fun night. I think the people at the restaurant will hate us..hehe..we will be laughing,talking and eating continually

Sat will be our party night!! Let's see who will get drunk and be the next target topic for us..hehe..It's so good to meet up and have fun together...let's forget all the unhappy things that happen around u...


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Monday, April 13, 2009

Time to dust our sister blog if not there will be lots of spider webs... What a wonderful long weekend I have spent.... firstly BBQ at east coast park with my dearest family, secondly steamboat dinner over at my house with my dearest friends and thirdly also went to pay respect to late grandpa and met up with some of my father side family.

Steamboat dinner, the girls came over, actualy mostly quite on time....went to ntuc to buy food then rush home cause weather is super hot. And the girls really tired with the marketing, ask them to play Wii, don't want, play majong, don't want..... All the want is sit at the living room, chit chat and slack... HAhahahha..... but we always full of craps can talk of anything, esp elva like Alex To, said Rong.

Agnes came about 3pm, Wo, bought super lots of ice-cream for us and also super lots of her fav "hum". At first she wanted to buy 1kg, I nearly faint when she told me... luckily I thought, she say the Seng Siong brothers don't want to sel her so much.

Then my little cousin came over to ask me maths qns.. Primary 3 maths, so many big sisters trying to help her, so "chim", needed diagrams, ahahaha. we were all thinking die lor, next time got kids how to teach them. But Ah min super good..... all the diagrams she can draw... solve all the problems, got proential ley... next can be a good mother woa...

then about 4plus, me and rong started to prepare food... then Agnes, luan & Hua decided to go market there to get something....
as we were preparing food......

Me: Later you all cannot finish the food, I wouldn't let you all home!
Rong: ahahahha! are you thinking they going to buy back lots more food?
Me: Ya lah! cause how come so long?
Rong: Hahahaha, I call them, see where are they?

About 20 mins later.....

Hi, we are back, shouted the 3 girls! we bought BBQ chicken wings, "gu lao rou", black pepper pork, more "hum", more drinks, more tibits, more egg tou fu.... alot more food. In my heart: " die lor, so much ah, want to feed the whole army ah?"

I wrote the above message on Monday lunch hour in office, intended to continue on Tuesday lunch hour. But after drastic changes in my company, I no more mood to write le lah, HAHAHA. so any more details, please go to Ms Rong Rong's blog....

Thank you!

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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Rong with old jpg(our tour guide)...

Luan with Sisi(our bus driver)

enemy..ling with Jackson(the one who sell us photo)


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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Group Photos

Govertment Office- Blue House, Seems like we are all very cold. Very nice trip, we will all go somewhere again sometime.

At Mt Sorak very beautiful with mountains at left and right. At Everland theme park, I rolled down the slope while playing. Nice pork chop over there and get to see Liger, PaPa is lion, Mama is tiger.

Went skiing at Yongpyong resort. Picture taken with the whole tour group, can you spot the funny expression of Ms Lirong? very fun.

Hip Hop 5 at a very cold place, are we cool?

Nami Island, the first day at Korea, marks the begining of the 4000plus pictures we taken in Korea.

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hi Gals,

I'm being evil now. I too lazy to upload pictures of the Korea trip. HAHHAHAHHA!!!!! Ms Hua uploaded some. So here I will add a link to Ah Rong's blog. What she wrote is what I want to write. (She very detailed one). So click on the link now, already have 3 days of event highlight.

Evil Ling.

辛苦你了! 各位阿,来点掌声好吗? Thanks ! 容小姐

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Numbers from the Korea trip

Guess what, an 8 days 7 nights trip to Korea, Jeju, Seoul!

5 evil sisters with 1 digtal camera EACH!

Took a total of 4543 photographs.

In order of least to most:

5th: evil Hua - 75 pcs
4th: evil Min - 339 pcs
3rd: evil Rong - 786 pcs
2nd: evil Ling - 1061 pcs
1st: evil Luan - 2282 pcs

PS: I counted my Japan trip pictures, 15 days, 6 person, only 3000plus pictures lor. FAINT!!!

各位啊,神经病啊, really had a hard time to sort out all the pictures, spent the whole afternoon at KFC chong pang to load the photos to each other thumb drives.

At 小熊博物馆 at Jeju Island. 5 evil sisters with Josephine and husband.

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